Wildman Capsule What’s In It?

Ayurveda teaches us that intimacy is a sacred act, and describes it as a critical factor for a healthy, emotionally satisfying relationship. The ancient texts suggest the sacredness with which a society approaches intimacy mirrors the health of the society at large. With this in mind, Ayurveda identified important plants that can evoke a healthy, satisfying desire that honors the role of intimacy.

WILDMAN for Men combines those herbs & minerals to promote sexual performance and energetic intimacy.
Natural Enhancement, Guaranteed!

WILDMAN is an intense, all-natural male libido enhancer that works in just 45 minutes with a 90% success rate!

WILDMAN promotes blood flow for prolonged arousal, heightened sensitivity and improved stamina with a fast-acting formula that works in less than an hour, resulting in a valuable libido boost that helps men enjoy longer-lasting, more satisfying sex. Includes only clean ingredients without steroids, allopathic salts or harmful chemicals side effects.


  • Enhanced pleasure and performance
  • Greater duration of sexual activity
  • A sense of increased firmness
  • Fuller arousal
  • A generally elevated mood while using the capsule.
  • Each pack contains:60 capsule of 500 mg each (1 month course)

    Kaunch beej Ext. (Mucuna pruriens) Sd.120 Mg
    Shwet musali Ext. (Chlorophytum borivilianum) Rt.60 Mg
    Shilajeet Ext. (Asphaltum) Exudate60 Mg
    Ashwagandha Ext. ( Withania somnifera) Rt.50 Mg
    Kali musali Ext. (Curculigo orchioides) Rt.48 Mg
    Gokhru Ext.(Tribulus terrestris) Fr.20 Mg
    Talmakhana powder ( Asteracantha longifolia) Sd.20 Mg
    Samudra sosha powder20 Mg
    Salam mishri powder (Polygonatum verticillatum) Rt.20 Mg
    Dalchini powder (Cinnamomum verum) Br.15 Mg
    Jaiphal powder (Myristica fragrans) Fr.15 Mg
    Javitri powder (Myristica fragrens) Aril of Fr.15 Mg
    Akarkara powder (Anacyclus pyrethrum) Rt.15 Mg
    Kababchini powder (Piper cubeba) Fr.15 Mg
    Kesar (Crocus sativus) Stg.6 Mg
    Swarn bhasma (Calx of gold)1 Mg
    Processed with following dravyas ( Two bhavna each) :
    Brahmi swaras (Bacopa monnieri)Q.s
    Salmali twak kwath (Salmalia malbarica)Q.s
    Shatavari kwath (Asparagus racemosus)Q.s
    Nagvalli swaras (Piper betle)Q.s
    Yesthimadhu kwath (Glycerrhiza glabra)Q.s
    Shwet chandan kwath (Santalum album)Q.s
    Rejuvenate your Love Life today

    Technologically advancing, continuously evolving today's modern world no doubt seems exciting and comforting. However, that’s an illusion. All these galloping changes instead of making modern life easier, simpler, comfortable and livable has added unimaginable stress to daily existence. We are all trying to run faster than the hands of clock. Resulting in apparently irreversible stress, hectic lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, addiction to coffee; alcohol; tobacco; and harmful medicines. Sooner than later you are a victim of multiple expensive life-style disorders. No wonder Royal College of Psychiatrists reports 1 in 6 people are perpetually tired, exhausted, sleep deprived. More & more percentage of people, reporting problems, like lack of libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, declining sperm count unfailingly affecting interpersonal relationships in marriages.

    To save the marriage, retain the job and live stress free, the tendency to get hooked on to allopathic quick-fixes is common. But, they invariably lead to irreparable damage to many vital organs of the body. The remedy is worse than the cure. That’s too horrible.

    However, lose no hopes. First change your attitude towards ayurveda. Instead have a positive approach and acceptance towards multiple safe benefits of ayurvedic products. That’s necessary because WILDMAN, a 100% ayurvedic researched herbal capsule, has now given new hope of life to all those who had lost hopes and to all those who didn't know how to overcome these problems. In fact, you'll be happy to know that many people reported how exciting and happy they have been in their lives ever since they switched over to WILDMAN capsules. number of people have, rediscovered, the lost joy, back in their interpersonal relationship. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of libido etc are all a distant memory.

    POWERED your body & mind.. Try WILDMAN today!

    Just don't be amazed. WILDMAN is unique. WILDMAN being 100% ayurvedic product and thus safe. Its constituents are of highest graded & precious quality herbs & minerals.

    WILDMAN delivers what it promises because Kesar (Saffron) and suvarn bhasma are proven rejuvenators and aphorodisac. Ashwagandha, kaunch, Salam, Safed Musli present in it are known to work wonders on rectifying premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and lack of energy. Shilajit of course is a wonder world famous libido enhancer cum revitaliser.

    All of WILDMAN is 100% ayurvedic and have No side effects! WILDMAN also helps reverse the side-effects of cheap and harmful Sildenafil drugs. Our customers have reported no headaches, zero constipation, heat free and reduced heart-risks. This is due to the fact that WILDMAN includes Shatavari, shwet chandan& yesthimadhu which is a demulcent for the digestive system, and a powerful adaptogen. Brahmi gives highly significant result in stress induced erectile dysfunction.

    WILDMAN capsule are manufactured in a GMP certified manufacturing unit and ships worldwide. We accept credit/debit cards, google pay and bank transfers.

    All you need to do is go for WILDMAN without further delay. Then make a commitment to yourself to take two capsules 45 minutes before going to bed or 1 capsule two times daily with milk or fruit juices of your choice for the next 1 month.Experience with full of Vigour, Vitality, Stamina & Energy the way you always wanted it. The amazing change that, we believe you would experience, will make a world of difference in your overall performance in every sphere of life.

    WILDMAN is One of the best Ayurvedic medicine to increase blood flow to your penis that helps in increase of penis length and girth. It is Ideal for boosting strength and stamina without any side effects.

    WILDMAN capsule is a type of rich medicine that’s known to help promote men’s sexual health in several ways. What is more, these capsules use a highly effective and potent mixture of ayurvedic & natural ingredients that help guys with their “size issues”.

    According to several doctors & sex experts, WILDMAN is considered of the best ayurvedic male enhancement supplement available in the market in India.

    It currently promoted on various web portals and get 90% positive reviews from WILDMAN users and increase its popularity sky rocketing day by day. However, the question still remains: “Are these capsule worth your money and your time? Do they really work or not?”

    Herbal Medicines, that FDA warns about

    US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regularly tests various ayurvedic medicines related to improving sexual performance and found that mostly are spurious, misbranded and adulterated with chemicals or sildneafil.

    Proudly, we were not able to find any warning about Wildman. May be that is because it is 100% natural, ayurvedic and herbal medicine that do not cause any side effects.

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